Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008

All ya need is LOVE....

This is what I got for Mothers Day. Ron and I went tonight and it is incredible. I can't even comprehend who imagines and creates and makes it is it done? Wow, I am inspired, my creative juices are flowing and where they'll spill over, who knows!!! Thank you to all my family, that was a great gift...I enjoyed, it took me back to when I was crazy about Ringo, made me giggle, made me sing out loud,(is that why we only had 2 tickets?? extra thanks Ronnie for always stickin by my side, no matter what!)made me think could I get that in shape...just dye dreaming....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Camilla is 21!!!!

Can you believe it? I can't... Cami turned 21 (so did Sonya...same B-day!) on May 16th. I wanted to do a great tribute to Miss Millie because she is deserving of a great tribute. What an amazing young lady, she has so many talents, where do I start. So many things I love about her; she doesn't have a hard time choosing right, she doesn't question it, no debate, no gray....just white...just right. Tremendous moral compass, tender heart, generous heart, loves kids, compassionate, serves other, gets the job done, fiercely loyal. She loves the Savior and shows it daily by her actions. My favorite thing to do these days is sneak into Costco when we go to Provo and watch Cami in action in the optical department.  She helps alot of elderly people and she is so kind and patience with them. She has some regulars that come and visit with her. Once Rach, Cami and I got out of the car in the Costco parking lot and Rach and I got out the same side and started walking but no Cami...we turned around and she was chatting with an older lady that had locked her keys in the car... Cami was helping her decide what she should do, comforting her because she was upset...she is following in her Grannybirds shoes!! I love you so much Camilla Lynn
Most of my pictures are on my old computer so these are what I found on my Iphoto....I think I will title them Self Portrait

Love you Cam!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We made it!!!

Brinley was absolutely taken by Jenica all day long...she was so darling to watch!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Zach-man is next and he was practicing his wedding smile for me!
A bright smile in the midst of choas...
one of darrens favorite cousins...
GB's sister was there.

Just refer to Britt's blog!!!

I am just amazed at all Brittney gets done...that girl is fast. When I do a new post it takes me forever...first I go into Iphoto to see if I have anything interesting to share,( mmm I always get a little sidetracked with the endless editing you can do....WOW) Checkout Britt's wedding photos from this past weekend.  You should see the pictures I took of the wedding weekend. You would say were you at the same wedding?? You would all pee your pants laughing and that is why I am just going to start saying just check out Brittneys blog!!
Especially her tribute to Mother's..the tears were rolling...I am the LUCKIEST are amazing, I love you so much Sister Dye...

P.S...I knew Jason Castro wasn't going to win...for weeks Ron would say for SURE he is getting kicked off this week and I would say all the girls love him and he will be back sure enough another week and he was still there, so that was a little tribute to ronny boy!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's a Small World in the Blogging World!!

I think it must have been the black background (at least this week, might be back next week) that kept me from posting! Can you tell I like change...mmmm...I've been eyeing the paint swatches watch out Ron, sorry hon...I am trying to stay focused on the garage, organizing...but spring has sprung and its time for some new colors!  
I feel like I am in pre-school with learning all there is to learn about technology (basically anything that plugs into the wall)...I haven't been reading the comments under my posts duh..but today I did and was so excited to hear from Melody Bastian that used to be in our ward.  She found my blog through my cute niece Kerry Hogle who Melody grew up with her husband!  This is the positive about the blogging thing, staying connected. ( and we have seen a bit of the negative of the blogging world this week, would you agree Dustin?) What a darling, darling family Melody! Any of you Canyon Gate bloggers I posted her blog link (is that worded correctly?) so check it out. How fun to share your world.  Here are a few of my favorite photos for the week or maybe month...we had two 84 year young birthday parties, my mom and ron's dad...the most amazing examples, that is a whole separate post.  Cute Kate....of all the Easter pictures this  one is my favorite...I can just hear her saying "What the heck, get this thing off my new dress!" And thank you to my sweetie who is trying to keep me up to speed and spoils me rotten on a daily bases...I admit...I am spoiled! P.S. ...thank you Bear for my chic have great taste and a big heart...I am soooooo lucky!