Thursday, March 5, 2009

Puerto Rico....

A revolving door make one loop around and you are spit out back home. We were only in Puerto Rico for TWO days...we must go back(we didn't even see Jorge or Tateanna!) It took us Two days of travel, crazy, not thinking...Ron was invited to go with one of his company's Travelers Insurance...we should have extended!

Sitting in the plane waiting to take off I glanced over and saw this American just hit me I am proud to be an American. We are going through a lot right now but what if our country was united and had just a little of the patriotism it took to build this great country, if we pulled and worked together. Do you wonder what if Mitt had won?
We stayed in a great place, met some crazy people, went kayaking, snorkeling, read a book, had a great spa afternoon.  I was so excited snorkeling.  Ron found this huge seashell so I'm carrying it all around with me thinking this is can I smuggle this home?? (I love seahells!) I get out of the water and within minutes this creature comes crawling out while I'm holding it. I'm screaming, Ron returns it to its home.  Walking back down the beach we found all kinds of shells and I asked the guide(Puerto Rican teenager) can I take this shell home.  Sure, no problem. So I have a treasure! We got to fly first class for one of the legs and that was bad cause now when you're back with the crowd, you know what is going on behind that curtain and you want to be there as you sit there and they are charging $4.00 for a bag of nuts!

This was by our room... was I suppose to be inspired by it??? I could not quite grasp the artist concept  I do love art, maybe it was me!!

The hotel was very spread out.  It had its own private island, lower section you took a little tram to...I know I didn't see half of it because we were only there two days!! We traveled two days to get there...bad, bad planning.  I should have consulted Janae!