Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sweet Example

What a sweet day...something about a funeral service to get your perspective readjusted!! Ron's mom is the sweetest lady. She grew old gracefully. She never seemed 'rushed', always time to sit and talk. I think my life has been a bit of a rush and I need to slow down and be a better 'mimi' and make the time to just sit and listen and be there. Thank you Helen for your wonderful example of missionary work, of serving in the temple and being so kind and sweet. She was so thankful for everyone and everything done for her. The last time we had her for the weekend when I put her to bed I can still hear her soft voice saying thank you for everything. You will be missed but I am so excited for you because I know you are with your eternal companion who loved you and served you so well and was SO excited to welcome you home.