Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Baby Bear is 18!!!

I really can't believe Darren can seriously be 18...(I don't feel that old!) What a great last child Darren has been.  The cutest little boy...I still can see him in the Primary Program when he was a sunbeam, we were at the back of the chapel and when he finally spotted us, he started waving and yelled at the top of his lungs "Hi Mom" Don Ahern cracked up at him and kept telling me, "he should be in the movies".  He has a very tender heart that surfaced at a young age...Chris Figgins was teasing him about bringing him some treats so one Saturday morning when we had donuts, Darren went over to the Figgins without us knowing and rang the doorbell (early Sat. morning) no answer so he left Chris a donut hanging it on their doorbell. When he went to middleschool and started band with Mr. Matta, his friends thought he should play the tuba because he could fit in the case! It was tough riding the bus with that tuba...so one day he comes downstairs with his tuba case with wheels on the bottom.  He had taken the wheels off his desk and got the drill gun and put them on the school tuba case! I have always loved his bright, ingenious mind...its always at work.  My older kids think I have spoiled Bear which I have what can I say. He is an amazing young man, loyal, extremely non judgemental, he always fights for the underdog.  He has always had friends from all ages and all walks of life.  He will be a great missionary because of his unconditional love for people. He has had alot of great leaders in his life that have seen the best in him, thanks Bro. Hodson and Casey, Bishop, Bro. Wilcox, Sis. Schlauder, Janae, Lucy, Wendi and others.  I know I shouldn't name names but as I'm sitting here and the tears are flowing and I am feeling very grateful for all the help in raising this young man...it does take a village and I am grateful for the village we live in...Darren I hope you know how much you are loved! You have so many gifts, we love to be with you, you add so much to our family...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!