Friday, August 19, 2011

Where did SUMMER go???

Yikes...its Aug.19...fastest summer on record!! (I think Ron and I need to start planning a trip:) We had a great Lake Powell trip over the 4th. with all our family. Wow the fireworks were Crazy. We were in a great canyon and were surrounded by echoes of fireworks, the sky was amazing. So glad the fireworks now come with glow in the dark arrows to let you know which way to light them..) I even waked surfed, I think thats what they call it. Darren didn't believe I could...I could read his OLD, OUT of SHAPE (polite for FAT!! because Darren is polite) mom will never get up!! Just had to show him. Just don't know if i'm brave enough to post the pictures of me in my swimming suit...haha.. more post to follow of our sweet new grandson Wyatt Tanner Wells...I tried to get them to use Tanners middle name Wesson...Wyatt Wesson Wells...www...they were not going for that! Hope your summer has been full of JOY!!
P.S... Britt post your pictures of you Wakesurfing...she got up first try along with Rachel...also your cute picture of your family all on the tube)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Field Trip

Brittney's out of town so Darren and I helped out today and went with Kate on her field trip to the Pony Farm. We had a great time...twice I got asked if I was Kate's mom...I am still laughing! Ms. Jaime and Ms. Holly are sooo great. I know Uncle Da wouldn't come right out and say he had fun....but check out the pics and decide for yourself:)

Grannybird's Sisters Visit

What a wonderful heritage we have. I love to watch Granny bird and her sisters. They came to enjoy the warmth and help get GB organized (she kicked and screamed the whole time:). Her stuff is her stuff, period!! She got it from her mom and I got it from my mom. She turned 87 on GB would say you ain't gonna teach an old dog new tricks...