Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Field Trip

Brittney's out of town so Darren and I helped out today and went with Kate on her field trip to the Pony Farm. We had a great time...twice I got asked if I was Kate's mom...I am still laughing! Ms. Jaime and Ms. Holly are sooo great. I know Uncle Da wouldn't come right out and say he had fun....but check out the pics and decide for yourself:)

Grannybird's Sisters Visit

What a wonderful heritage we have. I love to watch Granny bird and her sisters. They came to enjoy the warmth and help get GB organized (she kicked and screamed the whole time:). Her stuff is her stuff, period!! She got it from her mom and I got it from my mom. She turned 87 on GB would say you ain't gonna teach an old dog new tricks...