Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This little bum has turned into NEMO!! She loves her orange goggles. She loves to get on a noodle, preferably pink, and swim all around the is scarey, thank goodness for
Uncle 'DA'!! P.S...I think we're going to miss him!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ok, I give in...

I have layed here for a few hours trying to sleep but it will not come. I read Linda's last post this afternoon and have not stopped thinking about Amber. This is the third time that I have strongly felt like we need to have a fast for Amber. I even talked to some people about the idea month's ago and asked what they thought, Kathie that is personal for the Schlauder's, so ok but tonight I'm thinking about the books I've just finished per Keri's recommendation, Sarah's Quilt and These are My Words and the strongest message I got from these books was how these people could have Never made it by themselves. They made it because their family and friends, neighbors provided for each other in every way, emotionally, spiritually, physically. They ralled together in times of trials. We need to learn from those pioneers. I want to help Amber and I know so many people do. Can we set a date to have a fast for her? I know I can't do alot but I can add my prayer and go to the Lord fasting and specifically ask what Pres. Schlauder and Linda would have us pray for, for Amber maybe that just simply she will feel the Saviors Love for her. Can we also have a fast for Adam Bergquist? I don't know if this is the right place to put this out there...I'll remove it immediately Linda if its not but what does everyone feel about it? Maybe we could even have a break the fast and have Amber come. We stopped at Cove Fort on our way home Sunday and there were some missionary couples doing dutch oven and I asked do you eat together every Sunday and she said no just Fast Sunday. Some of the men went fishing and we have a turkey cooking in the ground, so we're having our Break the Fast...I thought just college kids did that.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oh Canada!!

My mom was born in a very small town in Canada. She was the only child out of eight that made their way to the good old'e USA. My dad served his mission in Canada and the story is that she chased him home (my dad's version). As kids we vacationed almost every summer in Waterton Lakes, the International Peace Park, still to this very day as we make the turn and round a few corners and spy the famous Prince of Wales Hotel a flood of feelings, all good, overwhelm me. Those of my family, my pioneer heritage, the beauties the Lord created for us, the safety I feel in this small little spot. As kids we roamed freely, mingled with our Canadian cousins, spent our time in a modest cabin, one bathroom for 30 to 40 people and loved every minute of it. Even the longgg drive to get there is part of the journey and cherished memories. The year I was 16 and helped drive I was into antiques, we stopped in Butte and my dad patiently drove to store after store and after an all day treasure hunt, we found a dresser and strapped it to the top of the car. He joked saying it would help me to drive slower but we only drove one hour that day Butte to Dillion and to this day that means so much to me because it reminds me how much my Dad loved me! Oh Canada...P.S. You should all go sometime! You should go with Kris she always meets the nicest people!