Friday, September 12, 2008


Yeah...I got to play tennis today what a beautiful day it was!!! We talked about Brain types...this was a fun test to take and see why we do what we do(wish it was that easy...) Which Brain Type are you? Check it out... I was FCAL/ENFJ "Educator"

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


This top picture was from last Christmas and these guys were checking out Google Earth.  We couldn't break them free.  Guys are different than us girls, thank goodness, but we've been spending a lot more time together this Dye bunch and I have grown to appreciate all these men. I am so thankful for the Priesthood Power available to us here on earth.  I am thankful for Grandpa Dye's example of how to be a great husband and father.  He is just beaming here with his four sons.  We tried so hard to get him to take a trip with just his sons and we would take care of Grandma but he would not leave her.  I kinda always thought he probably thinks we can't handle it but now I know he just didn't want to spend one minute away from her.  Last night was Ron's night with his parents and I am so thankful he is such a wonderful son and is there for his parents but these days I hate spending one minute away from him.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Can you believe this darling little girl?? And this darling little sweater and hat?? Jan made this for me awhile ago with a matching blanket and booties. Really still to this day I can't believe she did that!!  I would never have the patience that it would take to finish a project like this or the talent. I was overwhelmed that someone would give a gift that took so much time to make to me.  It touched my heart and made me feel very loved; its also made me think alittle more about the gifts I give, how they make others feel, what they say....its been really hard cause I can't think of just giving it to one of my grandaughters...Jan just laughs and thinks that is so silly but it is truly a treasure and was a gift from the heart...thank you Jan for sharing your many gifts.  I just can't believe Kate is growing up so fast!