Wednesday, April 16, 2008

blogging takes alot of time!

I am learning alot about myself as I am starting to be a blogger and a blog stalker! It takes alot of time...I am easily distracted...I feel like I have been on a journey through every corner of cyber space and I think I am leaving no stone unturned! I do not comprehend time brain hurts!  So today I had some self discipline and cleaned my laundry room. I would post a picture but oooo..I am not quite there yet because my after picture would look like Susans before picture. I was really impressed when she posted her closet pictures, you really did motivate me susan thanks! So here is a peek at my closet...(dye dreaming!)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Photo of the Week... life has been richly blessed and shaped by the people I am surrounded by. I love their smiles, their encouraging words, their tender, watchful care, the great teachers they are...I am a lucky girl to be right where I am, Las Vegas, Nevada, daughter of Jan and Ernie, daughter in law to Helene and Maynard, sister to Marcos, Krissy, Richy boy, Carol lotta loo, wife to Ronnie, mother of Daniel and Britt, Rach, Milly, Bear, Grandma to Katesy girl, sister in law to Linda, Lloyd, Angie, Walt, Doug & Kathy, Rick and Teri, Dave and Jane, aunt to so many cuties, member of Canyon Gate Ward, friend to some wonderful, amazing people, sister of Jesus Christ, daughter of Heavenly can I say thank you??

Monday, April 7, 2008

blogging. we go...after reading tutorials...buying digital designs...bugging Brittany...trying to figure it ALL out here is my first post.  During the process I thought in my world we will each come with a built in usb port maybe behind the ear maybe in the ear, the nose, belly-button(are you visualizing yet) and you would be able to just download everything and have instant knowledge.  Sometimes this joy in the journey can be a long journey, just get me there.  So you can see this is why I have hesitated having a blog because I am sure I will say way too much and give you a little insight into how my brain works...the right side is overly active and the left side has atrophied to almost nothing.  I have purchased a brain games book and am working in it daily!  
Daniel has also assured me that this is like my journal that there is a company I can send  all my 2008 entries to and have a book made.  So I guess I will give it a try and see what happens.  I t is so fun to see pictures and see the changes with my family and friends.  I think it will be great because it will get me taking pictures, reading more tutorials(more knowledge), becoming more informed on so many things...(new shopping spots, recipes for dinner(in case Ron is reading this!!) and I could go on and on but Kate is here ready for Gradma to watch!