Friday, July 23, 2010

Lake Powell....ahhhhh

Cookie Jar....

This must be genetic...ask Uncle Mark!!
Cami is going to shoot me...she was sick for 2 days...still a great pic

What a great vacation spot. It is really a peaceful place, you have to put your blinker on and change lanes... into the slow lane. nice to SLOW down. Not alot of decisions to make, ummm what to wear? where shall we go to eat? It was so fun to spend time with our family. The game for 2010 was Cranium...let's see did the girls beat the boys? ( I can't remember) Really fun being there with Kate, she is a true blue Lake Powell girl, she did it all. The only thing that kinda threw her was having a rather large lizard cross our path one morning on our little hike. She just froze, her eyes got so BIG and she just started to GRRRRR at it. She slept up top every night and looked for a shooting star, the stars were amazing this year. Grandkids bring so much joy...Lucy Pearl was a little jewel, she is already so relaxed. She takes after her Aunt Rachel, who takes after her Aunt Kris....(I'm still working on learning the art of relaxing...)
P.S.....So blessed to live in this Beautiful, Free Country. I really felt it in Lake Powell, seemed like the American Flag was on alot of boats this year, maybe I just noticed it alittle more.


susan bunker said...

kathie, those are some great pictures and even better thoughts! it is fun to see your growing up family, see your grandchildren and hear what you are thinking today! i miss you!

suzanne said...

your pictures are beautiful! so are those two grand babies!